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5 Useful Shortcuts That Gmail User Should Know

Gmail offers many useful shortcuts that help users to manipulate quickly and efficiently. In this article, introduces to you 5 extremely useful Shift Key Shortcuts that you should know when using Gmail. 5 Useful Shortcuts That Gmail User Should Know Shift + Click Select multiple files to send in Gmail. You can select multiple emails by Read More

Top 10 Gmail Labs And Features You Should Try

Gmail is considered to be one of the most powerful email service, but have you used all its features effectively? The article introduces some of the great features of Gmail to help you save time and make good use of the features that Gmail offers. Top 10 Gmail Labs And Features How to go on Labs Read More

5 Great Gmail Features You Probably Not Know

Did you know that dot in your email address in fact totally meaningless? You can make schedule to receive email, delete the entire inbox quickly and even cancel sending an email? Top 5 Great Gmail Features The dots in your Gmail address don’t matter You can email [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] and they would all go to Read More

15 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

You often use keyboard shortcuts when using a computer, but there are very few people who use shortcuts to work on Gmail. However, if you work regularly with Gmail, keep in mind the shortcuts we’ve compiled below to make it easier for you to work with. Top 15 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Here are 15 gmail keyboard shortcuts that will Read More

How to Enable/Disable Dark Mode interface (Black) for Gmail

How to enable/disable Dark Mode interface for Gmail. The black interface reduces the blue light to a maximum, protecting the eyes better when using the computer a lot. If you regularly use the computer for hours, especially at night you should use the eye protection on the computer such as Night Light and Dark Mode. Read More